Our organizational values shape how we work with our clients and the community. We’re proud to structure our workplace culture around the following personal and professional values.

With our clients:

  • Client empowerment and choice is foremost in all that we do.
  • Empowerment is acceptance of the person as a whole.
  • Our client is the primary decision maker.
  • We are partners with our clients in the service delivery process.
  • Our clients deserve to be treated with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Anything is possible.
  • We should seek first to understand, and demonstrate active listening.
  • We provide unconditional positive regard to our clients.
  • We communicate openly and honestly with our clients.
  • We maintain a team approach rather than Us/Them.
  • We consider that our influence and support may be the only positive source of encouragement our clients experience.

With the public:

  • We are pro-client at all times.
  • We seek to educate and inform the public in order to bring light to a workforce that has been misrepresented and undervalued.
  • We are professional and courteous at all times.
  • We provide an invaluable resource to local businesses aiming to be more disability-friendly.
  • We seek opportunities to collaborate with other programs and agencies as long as the partnership is congruent with our values.
  • We dress and carry ourselves like professional adults.

Among ourselves:

  • We communicate openly and honestly with one another.
  • We refrain from reacting to other’s opinions, and seek to understand first through active listening and asking questions.
  • We address team concerns ASAP.
  • We resource and support one another at all times.
  • We maintain an open mind.
  • We acknowledge that no one of us has all of the information or the most experience, but we instead complement one another’s unique backgrounds, and we respect this at all times.