Burke Brewer, CEO/Founder

Burke Brewer is an accomplished counselor, disability rights advocate, and disability employment specialist. Her love of helping others developed early through the influence of her father’s work in mental health, and she first felt the urge to change the world through her time as a volunteer at Lakeshore Mental Health Institute.

Early in her career, Burke was instrumental in working with local hospital systems to improve their policies for serving patients who are deaf or hard of hearing, and assisted many individuals with advocating for their legal rights. She then worked with adults with disabilities all across East Tennessee and helped them find meaningful work in their communities.

The most exciting part of our job is seeing our clients find work that is meaningful and satisfying, and watching this work enable them to create the life of their dreams.

Burke founded Work Matters in 2016 to change the landscape of disability services across Tennessee. Adding dignity, open-mindedness, and creative exploration to the employment process, Burke believes all individuals, regardless of disability, can obtain meaningful careers that enable them to meet their goals.

Burke holds a BA in Psychology, and a MS in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Tennessee.

In addition to Work Matters, Burke is CEO & Co-Founder of Modern Studio, a financially accessible space for local musicians, artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs to share their talents with Knoxville. Burke is a fellow maker, and teaches sewing classes to student of all ages as Modern Seamstress. In her free time she loves to sew her own clothing and enjoy good times with her family, boyfriend, and friends.

You can reach her at: burke.workmatters@gmail.com