A Peek Inside Work Matters’ Career Exploration Camp

The first month of career exploration camp is nearly over and we thought we would take a moment to share some of the highlights with you.

Campers learned new skills

Our Employment & Transition Specialists collaborated to develop a fun and engaging curriculum that is preparing our campers for their next step in the journey to finding careers they love.

Each day at camp was designed to present a different skill set in a fun and engaging environment.

Five relevant Core topics were divided into five “pit stops” for the campers to visit. Each camper received one-on-one attention while they discussed topics like social media awareness, appropriate communication skills, in addition to connecting with other students.

The core message of camp

Campers were encouraged to identify their unique skill set, and brainstorm through the possible career options they would most enjoy.

We focus on boosting the confidence of each of our campers while providing them a customized learning environment. Students learned to flex their “self advocacy” muscles, which enables them to persevere through potential obstacles while finishing school or interviewing for their dream job.

Learning from a torch bearer

During the third week of camp, students were able to meet guest speaker Allen, a former client of Work Matters CEO and founder, Burke Brewer. Allen communicated his unique struggles, victories, and lessons learned to our eager campers, who share many of the same goals and dreams.

Because of Allen’s story, the campers were able to understand the necessity of learning the core elements of the camp curriculum, which are designed to equip them to overcome the same struggles. Allen success drove home the key role that perseverance and self advocacy played in his personal, academic and employment victories. Coupled with a support system of family and friends, encouragement from teachers and his faith, he was able to face all the challenges.

Students with disabilities are often told that they cannot reach beyond their “perceived” limits. But Allen is living proof that when you have the right people instructing you, nothing, not even a disability can stop you from reaching your dreams. And that is the exact message we share with each and every student at camp.

Looking Forward: Summer 2017 Career Exploration Camps

The Work Matters team attended the Knox County Transition Conference on Saturday, April 19 at Bearden High School and had the opportunity to meet many students and parents seeking guidance about plans after high school graduation. We also participated in several interactive panels to answer questions about WIOA & Pre-Employment Transition Service.

We’re excited to announce our Career Exploration Camps starting June 5th. We’ll be offering two tracks (Mondays & Wednesdays, or Tuesdays & Thursdays) from 8:30-12:00 pm each week during summer break. Our summer camps provide students the opportunity to meet others, explore their career interests and goals, as well as learn pertinent skills for life after high school.

Camp is enrolling today and we’re thrilled to start this exciting summer programming with instruction in the following areas: job exploration, career assessments, self-advocacy training, workplace readiness, post-secondary training, and job shadowing opportunities.  Enroll your student today!


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